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The Orthodox Presbyterian Uganda Mission [OPUM]

The OPUM has been operating in Mbale, Uganda since 1995 and in the Karamoja region since 2000. The goal of the Mission is to labor, with the grace given by Christ, to establish an indigenous church that is self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating. In addition to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, there exists a robust diaconal work designed to adorn and support the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The members of the Mbale station work with the indigenous Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Uganda [OPCU] for the purpose of facilitating their formation as a mature, grace-empowered, self-sufficient body. The station also operates Knox Theological College, a pastoral training institution for African students from Uganda and Kenya. Works of mercy are also in operation in Mbale.

There is no indigenous reformed church in Karamoja. The members serving on the Karamoja station labor in the areas of evangelism, church planting, leadership training, village Bible instruction, literature production, literacy training, medical care through the work of Akisyon a Yesu Presbyterian Clinic, community health instruction, and other works of mercy such as vocational training, well drilling and the operation of a work-for-food farm.

The current members of the OPUM are:

  • Missionary Evangelist David and Sunshine Okken [Karamoja] – dsokken@gmail.com
  • Missionary Evangelist David and Rashel Robbins
  • Missionary Evangelist Eric and Dianna Tuininga [Mbale] – ericdianna@hotmail.com
  • Missionary Evangelist Charles and Connie Jackson
  • David Nakhla,OPC Short Term Mission Coordinator [USA] – nakhla.1@opc.org
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