Akisyon a Yesu Presbyterian Clinic

Akisyon A Yesu (The Compassion of Jesus) Presbyterian Clinic (AYPC) is a small, outpatient-only clinic located in rural Uganda. It was originally opened in 2002. AYPC provides many medical and laboratory services in the context of a Christian environment.

AYPC has a well-supplied laboratory which often receives referrals from the surrounding clinics and hospitals. This lab provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn laboratory techniques as well as to see many tropical diseases through a microscope.

AYPC provides the opportunity for those less-experienced in medical procedures to become proficient in taking vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc.). The hope is that everyone gains at least a basic knowledge of how to take a medical history, especially in the context of infectious diseases.

AYPC provides visitors with the opportunity to see many types of tropical and infectious diseases that are not commonly seen in the developed world (while at the same time providing a break from the routine illnesses in the USA like diabetes and high blood pressure). Visitors can work directly with the registered clinicians, or they can even see patients by themselves (if registered with the Ministry of Health or Nurses’ Council). Various procedures and many immunisations are done routinely.

AYPC also provides the opportunity for visitors to see several of the surrounding villages during the weekly outreaches. These outreaches include such things as malnutrition screening, childhood immunisations, HIV counselling and testing, health education, and a Bible lesson.

Visitors can participate in all of the above (as well as various administrative projects), and this is all done in the context of a medical mission. Routine preaching is done at the clinic, prayers are offered regularly, and patients are invited to church. Visitors have many opportunities to show the compassion of Jesus to the patients that are seen each day.