Purchase IMG Insurance

IMG International Travel Medical Insurance is required for all visitors to the Karamoja Station.

The major benefit not provided by traditional medical insurance is the emergency
evacuation and emergency reunion in the event of a serious medical condition untreatable in
Uganda. These alone are worth the relatively small premium.

This form submits to Doug Smith, our IMG broker. After receiving the above-requested information, a quote will be generated and emailed to you. After reviewing the quote and the coverage brochure, please e-mail Doug some times when you are available to talk on the phone during the business day. He will call you to review the coverage, answer any of your questions and make the purchase by creditor debit card over the telephone. While we recommend coverage be purchased at least two weeks before departure, if necessary, coverage can be obtained for travel the next day assuming Doug is available. Since he uses online fulfillment, coverage is immediate. The individual’s ID card is printed right from your computer.

You can also apply by contacting Doug Smith directly at 412-262-9010


Obtain coverage immediately through his hyperlink (typically recommends $500,000 or $1,000,000 maximum with $0 or low deductible and adding 2 days to your return date):https://purchase.imglobal.com/quote/patriot?imgac=223379


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